Examples of Idiomatic Expressions

Examples of Idiomatic Expressions

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Idiomatic Expressions

List of Examples of Idiomatic Expressions
The following is a list of Idiomatic Expressions used in the English and American language:

  • Back To Square One - To start again
  • Ball and chain: To be burdened with a task that that cannot be left or abandoned
  • Beat a dead horse: To engage in pointless and repetitive discussion.
  • Between the Devil and the deep blue sea. - In a very difficult situation when any resolution will be unpleasant.
  • Bushed - Tired, completely exhausted
  • Caught With Your Pants Down - Found out!
  • Can't see your nose in front of your face: Being oblivious to something obvious, in clear view.
  • Crash: To go to sleep
  • Don't look a Gift Horse in the Mouth - To reject something that has been freely given
  • Elbow Grease - A great deal of effort
  • Flea Market - An open-air market
  • Get out of hand - A situation which has resulted in chaos
  • Hit the hay: To go to bed
  • In your face - An aggressive manner
  • Junk Mail - Unsolicited communications
  • Kick the bucket: To die
  • Let sleeping dogs lie - Not to interfere
  • Mum's the word - To keep a secret
  • New kid on the block - A newcomer
  • Over the hill: To be past your prime
  • Prick up your ears - To listen intently
  • Rub someone up the wrong way - To annoy someone
  • Spinning a yarn: To lie or exaggerate
  • Tie the knot - To get married
  • Under the weather - Feeling ill

Examples Help! Use of Idiomatic Expressions in American and English language

Idiomatic Expressions add variation, embellishment, exaggeration, exclamation and irony to the English language. We hope this list has provided some information and amusement

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Examples of Idiomatic Expressions

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