Examples of Tagalog Poems

Tagalog Poems

This page provides examples of Tagalog poems. Tagalog is an Austronesian language spoken in the Philippines, chiefly in central Luzon and including Manila, on which the Filipino language is based. The name Tagalog comes from either the native term taga-ilog, meaning 'people living along the river'. Tagalog people consist of approximately 28% of the total Filipino population making them the second largest Filipino ethnic group. Tagalog poems and poetry are by famous Filipino poets many of which reflect the subject of love.

Examples of Tagalog Poems

Our examples of Tagalog poems and poetry have been selected from the work of some of the the most famous Filipino poets and authors providing excellent examples of Philippine literature. The Tagalog word for 'poem' is tula and the text for all of the following Tagalog poems can be accessed via the following link: Tagalog Poems.

  • Tula: Ang Bantayog (The Monument)
  • Tula: Ang "Valentine" Ko
  • Tula: Watawat ng Pilipinas
  • Sa Tabi ng Dagat (By the Seashore)
  • Tagalog Translation of The Poet

Examples Help! Use of Examples of Tagalog Poems in Poems & Poetry

The Tagalog poem, poems or poetry convey and emphasize unusual and vivid images. The use of strong word association changes the mode of thought and adds variation, embellishment and adornment to poetic and literary works.

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Examples of Tagalog Poems

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