Irregular Verbs

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What is a verb? The meaning or definition of a Verb is as follows "A verb is a word which implies action or the doing of something, or it may be defined as a word which affirms, commands or asks a question". But what is a Irregular verb? A verb is said to be irregular when its past tense does not end in 'ed'. Of this class of verbs there are about one hundred and ten irregular verbs, beside their several derivatives and compounds.

List of Irregular Verbs

The following table details a list of Irregular verbs:

List of Irregular Verbs
Awake, awoke, awoken.
Arise, arose, arising, arisen.
Be, was, were, being, been.
Bear, bore, bearing, borne.
Begin, began, beginning, begun.
Bend, bent, bent.
Blow, blew, blow.
Break, broke, breaking, broken.
Bring, brought, bringing
Build, built
Buy, bought, buying
Catch, caught
Choose, chose, choosing, chosen.
Come, came, coming
Cost, cost, costing
Cut, cut, cutting
Do, did, doing, done.
Draw, drew, drawing, drawn.
Drink, drank, drinking, drunk.
Drive, drove, driving, driven.
Eat, ate, eating, eaten.
Fall, fell, falling, fallen.
Feel, felt, feeling
Fight, fought, fighting
Find, found, finding
Fly, flew, flying, flown.
Forget, forgot, forgotten.
Forgive, forgave, forgiven.
Get, got, getting, gotten.
Give, gave, giving, given.
Go, went, going, gone.
Grow, grew, growing, grown.
Have, had, having
Hear, heard, hearing
Hide, hid, hiding, hidden
Hold, held
Hit, hit, hitting
Hold, held, holding
Keep, kept, keeping
Know, knew, knowing, known.
Lay, laid
Lead, led
Leave, left, leaving
Lend, lent, lending
Let, let, letting
Lie, lay, lying, lain.
Lose, lost, losing
Make, made, making
Mean, meant
Meet, met, meeting
Pay, paid
Put, putting
Read, reading
Rend, rent, rending
Ride, rode, riding, ridden.
Ring, rung or rang, ringing, rung.
Rise, rose, rising, risen.
Run, ran, running, run.
Say, said, saying
See, saw, seeing, seen.
Seek, sought, seeking
Sell, sold, selling
Send, sent, sending
Set, set, setting
Shake, shook
Shine, shone
Shoot, shot, shooting
Show, showed, shown.
Sing, sang, singing, sung.
Sit, sat, sitting
Sleep, slept
Speak, spoke, speaking, spoken.
Spend, spent, spending
Stand, stood, standing
Steal, stole, stealing, stolen.
Strike, struck, striking
Swim, swam, swimming, swum.
Take, took, taking, taken.
Teach, taught, teaching
Tear, tore, tearing, torn.
Tell, told, telling
Think, thought, thinking
Throw, threw, thrown.
Wake, woke, woken.
Wear, wore, wearing, worn.
Win, won, winning
Write, wrote, writing, written.
List of Irregular Verbs

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Irregular Verbs

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